Now that PlayStation Plus’s premium tier structure has been in place for an entire year, some games will be phased out as the service adds more to its library. Ten games, including the launch title Stray, will be removed from the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium libraries at various times throughout the month of July.

Although only 10 titles are being removed from the service’s premium and essential tiers this month, some rather big names are among them, such as Borderlands, BioShock, and Marvel’s Avengers. According to the PlayStation Store, this is the complete rundown:

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    Playing Now: The Complete Guide to PlayStation Plus

  • New and Improved BioShock
    Restoration of BioShock 2
    A New and Improved BioShock Infinite
    Borderlands: The Beautiful Bundle
    Confused Chicken
    Director’s Cut of Marvel’s Avengers: Raiden 5
    Outcast Stormers
    Gat Out Of Hell: Saints Row

Unlike Sony’s usual strategy, which involves padding its library with older titles, Stray is one of the few games added to the PS Plus catalogue on release.

All of the games from July that are departing the PS Plus library will be accessible until July 18th, as indicated by the guide’s expiration dates. You have less than three weeks to complete any of these games if they have been on your list.

Sony has officially revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for July, which include the previously leaked Alan Wake Remastered and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The remaining PS Plus free games and films for the month will be revealed shortly.

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