Players may take advantage of a variety of great deals during Amazon’s Gaming Week sale, but if you’re looking for something cosy to sit on while you frag, you need to check out this significant discount on the cutting-edge X Rocker Trident.

The X Rocker Trident is much more than just a standard chair, and you can get one right now for just $142, saving you 57% off the $330 original price.

X Rocker Trident
X Rocker Trident

The Trident is not only an ergonomic rocker, but it also features two speakers built into the headrest and a subwoofer built into the backrest. If you’re wondering whether the presence of the subwoofer means that this chair will vibrate in unison with the sound of your video games and movies, simulating a loud movie theatre, the answer is: hell yes.

But the X Rocker Trident isn’t just for playing video games and watching films and TV shows; because to its built-in speakers, you can also enjoy music.

Although the Trident has the biggest discount, there are several X Rockers that are now on sale on Amazon. X Rocker SE Pro for $191 (17% off) and X Rocker Prism for $280 (20% off) are also available with lower discounts. If the Trident’s rather unique feature is your main draw, be sure to check out those other X Rocker chairs since they feature speaker systems that are comparable to it.

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